Call to restrict driving licence to elderly a personal opinion, says IGP

The call by the government traffic police boss for the issuance of driving permit to senior residents be limited is simply a closely-held conviction, the country’s top cop said.

“The proposition was made inside and presently can’t seem to be examined exhaustively,” Inspector-General of Police Acryl Sani Abdullah Sani said in a statement.He proceeded to say that any new approach would just be carried out after it is assessed by every one of the important partners.

Recently, Bukit Aman traffic police boss Azisman Alias called for driving licenses gave to senior residents to be limited to lessen the quantity of mishaps out and about.

Such mishaps including senior residents he said were because of drivers experiencing Alzheimer’s and eye problems.Azisman likewise said it was “not appropriate” for a 70-year-old senior resident to reestablish their permit for a five-year time frame because of the age factor.

He had additionally proposed for the public authority to present an evaluation framework for senior residents who need to restore their driving licenses.

Azisman said the idea to the vehicle service and the street transport office (JPJ) depended on various cases including senior residents who were found driving against the progression of traffic and submitting different offenses at traffic signals and street intersections.

Police, he clarified, had noticed a rising number of instances of driving against the stream including the older matured 60 or more, some of whom were experiencing feebleness.

As per the government traffic examination and requirement division, a sum of 804 street passings last year, or 17% of the general number, involved drivers and bikers matured over 61.

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