Use QR codes on self-test kits to keep tabs on negative results, says expert

The straightforward QR code could be the response to the issue of negative Covid-19 tests going unreported.

Remarking on an administration explanation that the country’s actual inspiration rate was not being caught, virologist Kumitaa Theva Das of Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) said it was feasible to follow all outcomes from individual test units using the QR code.She said each test tape ought to, preferably, have its QR code and ID number decorated. An individual purchasing a unit ought to be needed to log the buy into MySejahtera by examining the QR code.

When a test is done, the client should snap a picture of the outcome utilizing the application and computerized reasoning (AI) can be utilized to decide whether it is positive or negative.

As per the public authority, the current recording of energy rates considers just lab-tried examples and those testing positive on their individual test kits.Malaysia’s recorded inspiration rate on Sept 21 was 13.1%.

Kumitaa Theva Das.

Kumitaa said the methodology she was prescribing was like the one utilized before in lab-based lentivirus testing, in which pictures of test tapes into which spit had been dropped were sent through an application for investigation.

As of now, those purchasing Covid-19 individual test units from drug stores have their own subtleties brought down and a few drug specialists settle on follow-up decisions to mind the test outcomes.

“Reaching an individual can be overpowering for drug specialists and can be work serious. It is smarter to have an incorporated framework where each pack has a code and results can be investigated with MySejahtera.

“Your telephone then, at that point, recognizes in case you are positive or negative. The idea is like those utilized in numerous monetarily accessible infection quick test packs which use cell phone applications.

“When the data is in the framework, volunteers at the Covid Assessment Center can call for follow-up data,” she said, adding that it was significant for everybody to report their outcome on MySejahtera, in any event, when testing negative.

As per Kumitaa, the MySejahtera application could be utilized to transfer results and mechanized chatbots would then be able to offer subsequent conversation starters to clients.

As of late, Bandar Kuching MP Dr Kelvin Yii asked the public authority to support the revealing of individual test results by offering refunds to those making their reports.

Wellbeing priest Khairy Jamaluddin upheld the thought.

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